Making Do in Appalachia: Roll your own Grape Leaves

Grape Leaves Did you know you can make dolmas (stuffed grape leaves)  at home? Did you know where one can procure grape leaves for the dolmas? From the grocery store-in expensive little jars. OR You can just forage your own. These grape leaves are the same ones that you can buy in the stores. How

Time to Buy the Garden Seeds

Time to Buy the Garden Seeds! It’s time to stop thinking about the spring garden and buy those seeds. They won’t plant themselves!  Here is our tentative plan for the 2018 growing season. I will Care More About the Garden I have more free time this year, and determined to have a great garden. Many

Keeping Ramps Out of Season

Keeping Ramps Out of Season Ramps are extremely seasonal and highly perishable and the season is quite short (perhaps only 2 weeks in the Northern Appalachian regions of Southern Ohio).  Saving them for year round use presents a serious problem.  I’ve found 2 acceptable solutions but NOT as good as having fresh ramps. Here are

Ramps Our Favorite Spring Vegetable

What is a Ramp?   What exactly IS a “ramp”?  Put simply it’s a wild leek, allium tricoccum. Ramps are far smaller than the leeks we see in the store consisting of a bulb ranging from downright tiny to just short of the size of a marble, a stem section perhaps 2 inches long and 2